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DAWEI Mask,Disposable Medical Surgical Mask


DAWEI Masks, Disposable Medical Surgical Mask. disposable medical surgical mask doctor protection adult students official product Can send abroad sf or post. International freight, specifi..

How to increase the service life of mask?


Treat the outer surface with something hot, such as a blower.

What does non sterile mask mean? What's the difference with asepsis?


Medical masks include disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks and medical protective masks. Three kinds of medical masks have the requirements of microbiological indicators, which include ..

How to identify the true and false of medical mask, and whether it is related to the thickness?


The core of the medical mask or surgical mask is the melt blown cloth in the middle, which is not necessarily useful when there are many layers. It is wrong for someone to test it with water tight. Th..

Can disposable surgical masks be reused?


It can be reused in non special infectious environment. (such as shopping outside, on the way to work and other non crowd intensive) but it is better not to touch the outer layer of the mask. If yo..

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